Jövő héten 13. kör a kínai-amerikai kereskedelmi tárgyalásokon

Most a reménykedő rali-szakasz jön a ringlispírben, amíg bele nem szédülünk:

Forrás: Stockcats

Az egyébként visszafogott Scotiabank már így vezeti fel a szokásos “nesze semmi-fogd meg jólt”:

China’s Vice Premier and top trade negotiator Liu He arrives in Washington on
Thursday for trade negotiations of uncertain duration. The prima facie aim is to head
off the next round of planned tariff hikes by the US and further escalation of
trade tensions if China then retaliates. Recall that Trump delayed imposition of
a higher 30% tariff rate (from 25%) on US$250 billion of Chinese imports by two
weeks to October 15th instead of the culturally insensitive date of October 1st. The
next round of tariffs is slated for December 15th on another US$160 billion of imports
at a 15% rate. This will be the thirteenth round of negotiations between the two
countries. The number 13 might strike fear among the West’s superstitious (e.g. my
office tower doesn’t have a 13th floor…) but in China, 13 is a lucky number because
when the two numbers are pronounced it sounds like “definite life” or “definitely
vibrant.” Maybe Lighthizer should bring a rabbit’s foot with him. Better yet, an ice
breaker would be if Liu He gave one to him. I’d say a horse shoe but that might get
ugly if things don’t go well.

Szerencse-nyúlláb, lópatkó, hasznos élet? Azt hiszem, az ottani elemzőknek is elege van már…

Forrás: https://www.scotiabank.com/content/dam/scotiabank/sub-brands/scotiabank-economics/english/documents/the-global-week-ahead/globalweekahead20191003.pdf


One thought on “Jövő héten 13. kör a kínai-amerikai kereskedelmi tárgyalásokon

  1. Trump állandóan ötletelget, aztán hirtelen dönt, majd rövid időn belül az ellenkezőjére változtatja döntését.
    Ennél rosszabbat pénzügyi befektetők nem kaphatnak. 🙂

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